Thursday, 21 August 2008

Roger gets full marks in the US Open Quiz

I really enjoyed putting together the Wimbledon quiz so I thought I'd do the same for the US. Feel free to post the answers in the comments. Good luck!

Q1) In which year did night tennis make it's debut?

Q2) Who lost three women's finals in a row in the mid to late 70s, including two back to back against Chris Evert?

Q3) In 1990 Pete Sampras won his first US Open. At the time he was the lowest seeded player to win the tournament. What was his seeding?

Q4) Who did Lendl beat in the 1986 men's final?

Q5)Who handed who not one but two bagels in a men's US Open final?

Q6) When was the last US Open played on grass. (and a bonus points for men's and women's singles winners)

Q7) How many sets did Graf drop en route to winning the women's championship in 1996?

Q8)Who did Roger beat in the 2004 semi?

Q9)How many singles championships did Navratilova contest?

Q10)Who lost to Gasquet in the 2002 juniors and Tsonga in the 2003 juniors?


van said...

Hey Steve, what's up? I love the quiz (even though I think the Wimby one was a piece of cake compared to this one)! I'm going to give it a shot, though. Man, this is hard!

1. 1980
2. Navratilova
3. 12
4. Miloslav Mecir
5. Federer did it to Hewitt
6. 1976: Connors and Evert
7. 1 in the final to Seles
8. Joachim Johannson

The only two I'm sure about are 3 and 4! I'm kind of confident about 2 and 7. For number 8, I'm afraid I might have it in reverse; that that's who Federer's final opponent beat.

This was great! I'm gonna start studying for the Aussie quiz next year!

van said...

Duh! I forgot to take a crack at 9 and 10:

9. 6
10. Baghdatis

I think these are going the route of my other answers, though: Bad!

hcfoo said...

Way to go, Van!

They didn't teach me tennis history in school, so I have no clue. Perhaps I can only give question no. 2 a shot. Yes, It's Navratilova, Evert's best known rival ;)

Steve said...

Hey Van, Hey hcfoo

thanks for dropping by and for having a crack at the quiz.

I think I've set the bar too high. Have to admit that I can only get 1 or 2 myself.

So respect to Van who has scored 4(and a bonus point) out of 10. Very impressive.