Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Wimbledon quiz

As we get closer to next Monday's opening day Wimbledon fever has
finally started to take hold.

I've decided against blogging on the seedings (Baghdatis No 10, what
gives!) and instead thought I'd set a quick quiz.

Got to be honest I don't know all the answers yet myself so feel free
to submit them in the comments.

Q 1 Who did Pat Cash beat in the semi en route to winning Wimbledon in

Q 2 In what year did Edberg make his last appearance at Wimbledon?

Q 3 How many Wimbledon doubles titles did McEnroe win?

Q 4 What was the furthest round Michael Chang reached at Wimbledon?

Q 5 Who won the 1996 boys singles title?

Q 6 How many sets did Federer drop en route to winning 2005 title?

Q 7 In the modern era which mens player has played in the most
Wimbledon tournaments?

Q 8 Who did Boris beat in 1991 quarter final?

Good luck!


van said...

Hey Steve, what's up? I think I wrote enough about the seeding at Wimbledon this year for both of us! I'm gonna take a crack at the quiz. Talk about a tough one! Hope you don't mind because I'm guessing at a few. No outside research has been done to get these answers!

1. Mats Wilander
2. 1996
3. Four
4. Quarterfinals
5. Fontang (I totally pulled that out of the air! Is it right?)
6. 2
7. Fabrice Santoro (complete guess!)
8. Guy Forget

I know 4 is right, I'm 98 percent sure about 8, 90 percent sure on 1 and 3, the rest... well, we'll see when you post the answers.

freakyfrites said...

Great quiz, but I'm too shy to guess. Look forward to learning the answers, though!

Anonymous said...

I'm the big fan of Tennis.My favourite player is Federer.He got lot of Wimbledon titles.But he didn't get any French open title.There is Nadal is the title winner.Recently federer lost his Wimbledon title.



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