Thursday, 12 June 2008

Shot of the year?

He may not have bagged that elusive slam but Federer did depart Paris with shot of the tournament, no, lets call it what it is, shot of the year.

Here's how Jonathan Overend on his BBC blog described it:

It was an off-forehand, crosscourt to Ancic's backhand side, but the ball stayed low and Federer's entire body shape suggested a shot down the line.

He whipped his arm through, snapped the wrist alarmingly, and next thing you knew the ball was landing on the line at a ridiculous angle.

Ancic applauded, Federer roared his approval, nobody else could believe it so they just got to their feet.

I've seen Federer play similar shots a hundred times, but this was different because it was hit so hard.

To generate the angle, and get the ball down in time after crossing the net, it usually needs a softer hit.

But this was smacked at full pelt and the poor ball should have been retired hurt.

Watch it here.

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