Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Scary tennis from Rafa

On his 22nd Birthday Nadal gave himself and the rest of the tennis
world a present - a demonstration of near perfect, ruthless and brutal

He crushed Almagro 6-1, 6-1, 6-1 a stunning result and an incredible
scoreline. No, a frightening scoreline.

This wasn't a case of a champion playing a hopelessly outclassed wild
card in the first round.

It was a Grand Slam quarter final against the in-form clay court
player. Almagro has won more games on clay this year than anyone else
on the tour.

And yet he was completely overwhelmed. It wasn't as if Almagro played
that badly. Sure, there were too many mistakes, but even when he
conjured up what should have been outright winners, Rafa got them back.

I've felt for some time this could be Fed's year but on the basis of
the past few days the Swiss maestro must be hoping that Nadal is going
to have another outbreak of blisters.

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van said...

Hey Steve. Rafa's already up a set and a break against Djokovic in their semifinal match this morning. It looks like he's beginning to destroy all that post-tournament hype of this match being a test for him!

I think Roger can come through still (or at least I hope he does)! Roger just has to make sure he really doesn't look past Monfils. That can be an interesting match.