Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Return of the Mac

McEnroe is back in town for his annual stint in the Wimbledon commentary box. I like McEnroe - hey who doesn't these days, even the media (no, especially the media) love him these days.

But of course it wasn't always that way. Back when he was a champion the British media, particularly, the tabs, used to give him a real hard time.

Nowadays McEnroe, the elder statesman of the game(!!) gives good headline and the press lap it up. Here's a selection from todays papers.

McEnroe questions Murray's commitment and will to win, The Guardian

John McEnroe hopes for more from Andy Murray, The Times

John McEnroe tells Andy Murray it's time for him to perform on grass of SW19, The Telegraph


Brandon said...

Gotta love Mac!


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van said...

I think McEnroe's pretty on point with his assessment. Talent-wise, I think Murray should definitely be considered among the top five players out there. There's so many other things holding him back.