Friday, 8 August 2008

Is this the break Federer needs to get back on track?

Roger Federer must be feeling pretty happy today. He may get mobbed every time he sets foot in the Olympic Village, and he may not get a chance to actually eat his food in the canteen, but he won’t care. Because the draw is out and it looks good.

Nadal, Djokovic, and Murray – the form player coming into the Olympics – are all in the other half of the draw. OK there are some players in Fed's half who have unexpectedly beaten him recently (step forward Simon and Karlovic) but I can’t imagine lightening will strike twice.

So provided he get’s through his first round encounter with the erratic hard hitting Tursunov, and possible encounters with Canas and Nalbandian, he should have a nice run to the final.

Compare that with Rafa who is likely to get Lleyton in the second round, Querrey or Andreev in the third, Murray in the quarters, and Djokovic in the semi. You wouldn’t bet against Nadal after his recent run, but he will deserve a medal if he comes through that lot.

You can read it here

UPDATE: It just gets better for Roger. Karlovic has pulled out due to illness. Plus, I think Nalbandian may actually be in the other half of the draw, not certain, as the draw document is not very user friendly.


freakyfrites said...

Hi Steve,

Roger definitely got a huge break! He seems pretty excited, too - I think he needed a change in scenery to inspire him after Wimbledon.

Anonymous said...

In hindsight, no, this was definitely NOT the break Federer needed to get back on track. I think Fed is hoping to wake up one morning and discover that 2008 has just been one bad dream.

Steve said...

Hi anonymous,

yes you're right, it currently looks like it's going to take more than a kind draw to get Fed back in the winning ways.