Thursday, 28 August 2008

Roddick clears the first hurdle...

... the human banana skin that is Fabrice Santoro, 6-2, 6-2, 6-2.

So the dream lives on.

I know I have a vested interest after putting my money where my mouth
is for once - maybe I'm looking through dollar tinted spectacles - but
Roddick looked good.

The serve was on fire and he was aggressive, taking charge of most
points. But what caught my eye was the (much maligned) back hand, from
which he unleashed a string of cross court and down the line passing

But before I get too carried away it's worth noting that Santoro looks
past it. And he lost respect for his bizarre refusal to play the final
point after taking it a bit too personally when a crunching bomb of a
serve from Roddick nearly took his head off.

Gulbis won't be as easy.

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van said...

Hey Steve, what's up? I actually don't have a vested interest in old A-Rod here, but I couldn't agree more with what you said in this posting! Every aspect of Roddick's game looked good, and I feel like I haven't ever seen him hit his backhand that well.

And Santoro pouting at the end was complete garbage. A-Rod had no cause to go after him: Every tennis player out there has been caught with a body serve at some point where there was no intention by the server.