Sunday, 17 August 2008

Olympics wrap up

Been a great week of tennis in Beijing. Olympic tennis has shown to a few tennis snobs (including me) that it deserves to be taken seriously.

There's been the traditional smattering of upsets - hands up, who this time last year thought Roger would not even make it to the podium? - and some compelling games, especially the two semi's. 

I'm pleased for Rafa who has yet again proved he can't be pigeon holed as a dirt baller, pleased for Roger (and Stan), and pleased for team Williams.

What I take away from the week though is that when the best singles players in the world put their mind to doubles they can beat the specialists. The Swiss double act of Roger and Stan demonstrated this on Friday beating two of the best doubles partnerships on the same day. Venus and Serena underlines the point.

And this is why doubles fails to capture the imagination for many. As long as the best players avoid doubles in the Slams, doubles will remain a poor relation.

Anyway enough of that, time to start thinking about Olympic tennis at Wimbledon in 2012....


Pamala Knight said...

Woot! Olympic tennis on grass! I'm so excited, especially since Venus and Serena have both expressed desire to play in those games. So, hope springs eternal for Venus to add another medal to her collection.

Great wrap up Steve. Now onto the USOpen.

freakyfrites said...

Hey Steve - question. Do you know how the scheduling will work for Wimbledon and the Olympics? Will they really be almost back to back? Perhaps some tennis players will be buying property in the village?

I still like watching dubs - even if it's a "specialist's" sport. The rallies and strategy are so entertaining - sometimes it makes singles look so ascetic and melancholy: all that court, and just two people to cover it.

Your comment about "this time last year" made me kind of sad! Really, who'da thunk this kind of season for Rog? Not even the most ardent Rafafile, that's for sure.