Friday, 1 August 2008

24 hours in Cincy

Well it's been a busy 24 hours in Cincy. Yesterday I watched Andy Murray blow Tursunov off the court with ease. Unfortunately I can't find it on Youtube but if you can, check out the second and third games of the second set.

A series of outrageous shots saw Murray break and then consolidate. Spectacular stuff. The backhand as he broke serve had me jumping out of the chair!

And then of course, shortly after I had put up a post on Roger living on borrowed time, Karlovic took advantage of Roger's lack of confidence to dump him out of the tournament, and hand the No 1 spot to Rafa.

And then today we saw another side of Andy Murray. If yesterday was all sublime skills and shotmaking, today was street-fighting and mental toughness as he can from a set down to beat Carlos Moya.

One final thought before I head to bed, you must read Bodo's diagnosis on Federer's problems, it's all down to Seven-Day Tournament Influenza. I kid you not...

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