Friday, 22 August 2008

Bring it on

I enjoyed the Olympic tennis, more than I thought, but if I'm honest it's just a warm up event for the US. Sounds crazy but until I started reading the build up on a few of my favourite blogs I'd almost forgotten how much I love the US Open.

The night tennis. The in your face atmosphere. The A list stars dropping in to check out Roger and Rafa or Venus and Serena. And most of all, superb tennis. Think Agassi v Blake, Wilander v Lendl, or Edberg v Chang.

The draw is out and you can get it here and Nick's tennis picks has his usual excellent run down. These are the first round games I'm looking forward to:

Nishikori v Monaco
Roddick v Santoro
Haas v Gasquet
Berdych v Querry
Blake v Young

My money is (literally) on Roddick to win the tournament (50-1 people! what can I say) but if he does make me rich he'll have to do it the hard way. Santoro, Gulbis, Djokovic in the quarters and then Roger if he's still round (I still almost do a double take when tapping those words of doubt about Roger).

Let the games begin...


freakyfrites said...

I'm really looking forward to the tennis. There are just so many story lines and the men's draw is thick with so many promising players who could make a big splash in NYC.

I'm wondering what the odds are that Andy gets Santoroed? Not that I want you to lose any money, of course!

backhand said...

Wow. Finally a blogger I can agree with!

Anonymous said...

let's go


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