Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Killing time online

It seems when they're not busy practising their ball toss, working on their core muscles, or perfecting their autograph signature, the pro's enjoy spending time online.

In an interview with the Guardian Andy Murray sheepishly admitted that he has checked himself out on youtube. The clip below is one of his favourites, a running backhand pass down the line (with shades of THAT shot against Gasquet) against Chela

And of course it's not just Murray who kills time online. Rafa is also well known for his blogging. He's back doing his blog for The Times newspaper and you can read it here

It seems he find blogging harder than generating ridiculous amounts of top spin or running down balls that few other players on the planet could dream of getting:

So that you understand, I normally do this blog either before going out for dinner or just after that. We sit, and do the blog. It takes some time and I am happy to do it, but it is not easy for me to just sit here, answer to all your questions (that's the easy part) and then try to come up with a great, deep, writer's blog.

There are better tennis blogs out there (see the blog roll) but it does give you an insight into his world and his Q&A with fans is fun (if a bit bland). Full marks to Rafa for making himself accessible to the fans.

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