Friday, 15 August 2008

What would you do?

Didn't see it but Nadal - Djokovic sounds lilke a cracker. But the talking point of the day was in the other semi.

Did Gonzalez touch a ball that was going out? The referee didn't think so. Blake was adamant he did. Gonzo kept out of it, much too the disappoinment of Blake who said later that Gonzalez should hold his hand up.

Looking at the replay I'm pretty sure the ball nicked Gonzalez's racket. And if it did he would have known about it. (Incidentally it is important to note that after the match Gonzalez said he didn't and I'm happy to give him the benefit of the doubt)

But what would you do? You're 9-8 down in the third set of an Olympic semi, serving to stay in contention for a Gold or Silver. It's the Umpire and linespeople's job to call the points. So say you clip the ball and everyone apart from your opponent misses it,  should you do the right thing or just keep quiet?

I'd like to think down the park on a Sunday when there's nothing but pride at stake I'd fess up - life's too short and you don't want to win a match on a dubious call.

But in a big match event, a semi of a Masters, Slam or Olympics, how many people (if they are honest) would hand their opponent the point?


freakyfrites said...

I think it's a little weird that Blake made such a big deal about it. He had three match points in the previous set and didn't make it happen for himself - that's what he should be focused on.

I love James, but I think Gonzo deserves a break.

Steve said...

I agree, i thought something similar at the time. As well as squandering the match points, Blake can only look at himself for being broken when 30 - 0 up in the pen-ultimate game.