Thursday, 14 August 2008

Did Roddick call it right?

Van is understandably disappointed with Andy Roddick's decision not to represent the US at the Olympics. It says a lot about his game at the moment that he feels he has to write off events, an event that only comes around every 4 years. But I look at Andy Murray's tired, lacklustre performances in Beijing and can't help but think the other Andy made the right call.

I was talking it over with a friend last week and I think Roddick has a real chance at the US Open this year. He's won it once before, and if it wasn't for Federer would have won it again at least once. With Roger no longer invincible (Roddick has already beaten him once this year), and Rafa not being 100% at home on hard court, this year is his best opportunity in a long time.

What's more he's not had to contend with the two long haul flights or crippling humidity, which means he should be great physical condition (provided his back holds up.) The key of course is the draw. Can he avoid Murray, Djoko and Nadal until the final? And can someone else take out Roger before the semi?

Anyway for once I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and I've got great odds: 50 - 1. Please Andy, do it for me!

PS: On the BBC the other day they mentioned that at the Athens games in 2004 the US women's volleyball team had a competition to see who could kiss A-Rod first. Apparently he was chased all over the village. Not sure if this was a factor in his decision not to travel to Beijing…


Anonymous said...

i think roddick did the right thing. i dont know if he will win the us open but he is banking on easy draws here in the us because there is no one any good in these tourneys. he is whacking people, the matches are not even close. del potro is on a tear or else he would have smoked him any other day. great site, i have one too at it is a blog, i think you will like. great work. i like the roger fed column with his losses. put my site under your favorites please, i am sure you will enjoy. take care, andrew

Rich said...

when he made the decision i thought it would be a good one based on what happened to the olympians who returned to nyc back in 2004.

but based on his recent losses, particularly to j. martin in LA where he was blown out in the first set, i don't see him getting very far.

i would say most of the guys in the top 25 believe they can step on the court with a-rod and take it to him. he tends to groove his opponents with his pace and counter-punching groundies and can't rely on a "plan b" when his a-game isn't clicking.

i guess we'll see how he fairs in DC and what his draw looks like in NY but his time is fading with a quickness.

Steve said...

Hey anonymous - thanks for the comment. Pleased you are enjoying the blog, always nice to get good feedback. I'll check your site out shortly.

Hey - Rich, I suspect it is wishful thinking given I have money riding on him, but I reckon there is another slam in Roddick. If he stays fit and focused and continues to believe he has a chance. (Although it will require a few injuries or surprise defeats for the top 5 to happen at the same time.) BTW am enjoying Down the line a lot.

Anonymous said...

Andy Roddick has no chance this year at the Open. Regardless if Roger has an off year, Nadal has exhausted himself...

The way he lost to lesser opponents in the last few months... he has reduced himself to 2nd or third tier player in the tour.