Sunday, 30 November 2008

Fancy going to Wimbledon next year?

Want to see if Roger can re-claim his crown? Or if Venus can win again? Want to check out the new roof on centre court, or swing by the outer courts to see the stars of tomorrow?

Well don't forget to stick your name in the ballot for tickets.

Firstly, you need an application form by sending a self-addressed envelope to:

Ticket Office
P.O. BOX 98
London SW19 5AE

The deadline for applying for forms is 15th December.

And if you are applying from overseas they suggest you enclose an International Reply Coupon (in place of a stamp) where possible.

For more see the Wimbledon website

That was a public service broadcast from TopSpinTennisBlog. Over and out. And good luck!


van said...

Hey Steve, how are you? I didn't even know you had to apply to buy tickets at Wimbledon! Is it like a lottery system?

Nike Air Force One said...

What a great game..