Monday, 24 November 2008

Say hello to the next Serbinator

Belatedly I'm just picking up the buzz about Felip Krajinovic, the hot favourite to be the next Serb tennis star.

The 16 year old is currently 901 in the world and has just beaten his first top 100 player, Robbie Kendrick, in the Knoxville Challenger event.

Here's what Brad Gilbert had to say on Felip:

"During my stay at the Academy we trained many kids. However, one of them caught my eye. It’s Serbia’s Filip Krajinovic, who’s got incredible talent. The way he plays at the age of 16 is impressive and there’s no doubt there is a glorious tennis career ahead of him, if everything goes according to plan,”

Nick Bollettieri is also raving about him

“I remember Filip’s arrival at the academy and I can tell you I could instantly tell how much love that youngster had for the game. We can already say that he is now – at 16 – one of the most talented tennis players in the world. His main characteristics are powerful shots, his forehand and backhand shots that he hits very early and with very little spin, and his footwork is great. I’d say he reminds me a lot of Andre Agassi, with a slight difference in that Krajinovic is much better at net play,”

Check out Nick B's website and the Serb paper Blic for more.


Geoff Berkeley said...

To be only 16, and beat a top 100 player that some talent. hope to see him progress up the rankings next year.

I will remember the name, Felip Krajinovic.

Yoda said...

It is actually Filip.