Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Rafa out of DC

Rafa out of DC

Rafael Nadal's awesome year is officially over with confirmation yesterday that he is out of the Davis Cup final against Argentina.

"After a very long and positive year, it is terrible for me not to be able to participate at two of the events that were part of my goals this season, Shanghai and the Davis Cup final.

This is a very difficult time for me, but at least I know I've done everything possible to be in the final. It was a goal of mine to be there."

The most revealing comments were about how - because of his style of play - he is accustomed to playing through the pain:

"I'm used to playing with pain, but this pain is different, new in a way. I can't control it."

Doesn't sound good. I'm a Roger fan but the sport is poorer for Nadal's absence. So get well soon Rafa!


John said...

As a Argentina fan, I have to say that I'm happy to hear this as everyone knows that this year, Rafa has been playing like from another planet.

But what waste, as I felt his presence will only lift the Davis Cup final to whole new level. A big lost for the final.

I'm sure many people in Argentina are going to be sad for not being able to see him.

As for the neutral, they might have been looking forward to see him going head to head with Del Potro.

But nothing is lost yet, as Spain are still as tough as hell. Argentina must still play their best game against them. It will be a real cracker to watch.

Care to share with us about this? I'm sure we would love to hear your thoughts about the final minus Rafa.


TopSpin said...

Not great news; its no longer going to be the box office event we were looking forward to.
Still there's plenty of talent in the mix on both sides, though you really have to favour Argentina now.


Steve said...

Hey John, Hey Topsin

thanks for the comments.

It's a shame for Rafa, a shame for Spain and a shame for all tennis fans that he can't make it.

I fancied Argentina to win even if Rafa played and without him I think Spain will lose 4-1.