Thursday, 13 November 2008

Want to know how the eviction process works?

If Roger beats Andy tomorrow and Simon beats Stepanek then there will be 3 players in the Group who have won two matches each. And as you know, only two can progress.

So how do they decide who gets the chop?

This is from the Master's Cup rule book:

If two or more players/teams are tied after the round robin matches, the ties will be broken as follows:

1. Winner of match between the two players tied;
2. Player with the highest percentage of sets won;
3. Player with the highest percentage of games won.


TopSpin said...

Thanks for that Steve! I was wondering about the possibility of a three way tie. Comparing Federer and Simon, Federer's won in 2 and lost in three whilst Simon has won in three and lost in two. So that would indicate Federer to be better placed but of course they still both have a match to play...

I'm banking on a Murray Federer final so will rather unpatriotically be supporting Federer tomorrow!

Steve said...

Hey topspin

thanks for the comment. Yes, I'm torn. I love tne idea of a Murray Federer final, but I also want Murray to win Masters Cup, and the best way to do it is to knock Federer out tomorrow...

Either way should be a great match.

BTW, just discovered your blog. Like it a lot.


TopSpin said...

Thanks! I only started it less than 2 months ago, so its still something of a fledgling. I welcome any comments you may have...