Monday, 3 November 2008

Wow, just heard the news...

Wow, just heard the news...

... that Rafa is out of the Masters Cup due to fatigue. The Spaniard admitting that his drive to No 1 this year has harmed his physical condition.

Am off to bed now after an enjoyable night out at the House of Commons (sorry can help name dropping) so no time to mull over the significance other than

i) I'm pleased Gilles Simon gets to make the trip he deserves it

ii) it just shows you how impressive Roger's run was that Rafa is feeling the burn after less than a year at the top.


TopSpin said...

I've always thought Federer did an immaculate job of scheduling his tournaments and his more natural movement prevents injury.

Nadal's more physical style of play will inevitably affect him more (the knees in particular) unless he too schedules more carefully.

Geoff Berkeley said...

I'm pleased to hear Nadal decided to pull out because i think he needs a well earned rest before taking on Argentina. I do agree Nadal prehaps needs to thin down his schedule for next year or else he will totally burn out.

Also glad that Simon has made it to Shanghai in the end because he desearves it after a very impressive second half of the season.