Monday, 17 November 2008

Last man standing

I mentioned before that Djokovic is a bit of a lucky general. Don't get me wrong the guy is hugely talented and - despite his idiosyncrasies - good for the game. But he also has a knack of being in the right place at the right time.

In Rome back in May he was still in the draw when Rafa lost his first clay court match in living memory and went onto to bag a Masters event without having to play a top 20 player.

In Shanghai he went one better. He won the Master's Cup, the event where the worlds elite pit themselves against each other, and only had to play 1 top 5 player all week. (And that was Davydenko)

And just so we are clear I'm not knocking him. He can, after all, only play the opponents he comes up against, and luck, like it or not, is an important factor in sport. It's why we keep coming back for more.

So bravo Nole!

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van said...

Hey Steve, how are you? Hope all is well!

It's funny, I was thinking about his title run along similar points that you mentioned here: He beat del Potro and Davydenko (guys he should), loses to Tsonga (who seems to have his number), then plays the unlikeliest semifinalist of the group in Simon.

Still, like you say, he can't help it how the draw worked out and it is a great result for him.