Thursday, 4 December 2008

Federer cuts back on clay events

Federer cuts back on clay events

I've been a bit slack with the blog for the past few days. Nothing to do with the off season.

I've just taken a short break from planet tennis due to a busy run at work, including a flying visit to Belgium.

While I was in Brussels I briefly reflected on how I miss both Justine and Kim, and how quickly two of the biggest names in the women's game have disappeared from public view.

As I sit on a late train home after a colleague's leaving party I'm trying to catch up on what's been going on. Sampras v McEnroe was a great box office event but what caught my eye was Roger's decision to cut back on the clay.

As you may have heard he announced yesterday that he is skipping Estoril, Monte Carlo and Hamburg. A different approach to 2008 when he played Estoril, Monte Carlo, Rome, Hamburg and Roland Garros.

It's a shame for Monte Carlo (and the other two tournaments) but no surprise now the event has been downgraded by the ATP, effectively giving the big players a free pass, now Monte Carlo is no longer a mandatory event.

It's a smart move by Roger and further proof that Slams now mean more to him than regaining the top spot.

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