Tuesday, 9 December 2008

You gotta read this - Roger 1st among equals

Check out this superb post from Rob York from the Bleacher Report. He looks at how Roger's years of domination - in which every season he achieved more than Sampras at his best - have now been replaced by a new era in which Federer is first among equals.

And there's a bold prediction. Roger to win Wimbledon and the US and re-capture the No 1 spot! You can read it here.

all of which is a nice excuse for a video of the master at work...


van said...

Hey Steve, what's up? Those were some pretty amazing years, to say the least! You know, despite him winning the U.S. Open, I really don't recall seeing such form like he displayed in that video, which is only a year old. I'm anxious to see what '09 holds!

Anonymous said...


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