Saturday, 20 December 2008

Set your recorders

Christmas is all about indulgence as well as being a chance to reflect
on the year gone by.

So tomorrow I'll kick off with the first Top Spin Tennis Blog year end

In the meantime a reminder to all UK readers, set your Sky+ for the
three tennis specials served up by Eurosport over the festive season.

On Xmas Eve there is a 90 min review of this year's Australian Open
(14.30) - seems so long ago. And then on the big day it's the French
again at 14.30, followed by the US on Boxing Day (same time, same

Eurosport don't have broadcast rights for Wimbledon in the UK so
unfortunately they are unable to provide us with a chance to re-live
the best match of the year (ever?).

Merry Christmas...


Anonymous said...

But there will be a brilliant hour-long programme on the Wimbledon final on BBC Five Live at 7pm on Christmas Day - also available through the Iplayer. A chance to relive the best match of the year with the best broadcast of it... Five put BBC TV to shame on the day...

Steve said...

Hey Anonymous, thanks for the tip. That's what the iPLayer was invented for!