Sunday, 7 September 2008

Who does Roger want to win?

Well I'm sure the official line from Fed is "I really don't mind,
happy to play either, both great players etc".

But I've a sneaky feeling that deep down Roger will prefer Murray to
win in five.

The Scot may have a 2-1 head to head record but he's never beaten
Federer in a final of a slam or taken 3 sets off Roger, unlike Rafa
who has done it four times.

Of course there's nothing Roger would love to do more than beat Rafa
in a final but after the trauma of Wimbledon and Paris I think he'd
prefer to take revenge another time.

So the ideal outcome for Federer is Nadal comes out blazing and pushes
Murray to the limits but Andy M wins it after a marathon and draining
fifth set.

Me I don't care how Murray wins, as long as he pulls it out.

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Pamala Knight said...

Very glad to see Andy playing up to his potential. That game of his is a beautiful thing to watch. I hope he wins against Rafa, but would want Roger to win his fifth USOpen title no matter who his opponent is.

Andy will win eventually.