Friday, 12 September 2008

How did you do?

Here are the answers to the TopSpinTennis US Open quiz.

It was a tough quiz - I've got to admit that I struggled myself with most of these, unlike the Wimbledon quiz which was mainly about my tennis era (mid 80s onwards) this time I deliberately threw in a few 1970s questions - so if you got 5 or more you were doing extremely well.

So hat's off to Van who scored 4 plus a bonus point for Connors. Nice work Van!

Q1) In which year did night tennis make it's debut?

A: 1975

Q2) Who lost three women's finals in a row in the mid to late 70s, including two back to back against Chris Evert?

A: Goolagong has this unfortunate claim to fame. Always a bridesmaid...

Q3) In 1990 Pete Sampras won his first US Open. At the time he was the lowest seeded player to win the tournament. What was his seeding?

A: Pete was seeded 12th

Q4) Who did Lendl beat in the 1986 men's final?

A: Miloslav Mecir

Q5)Who handed who not one but two bagels in a men's US Open final?

A: Federer humbled Hewitt.

Q6) When was the last US Open played on grass. (and a bonus points for men's and women's singles winners)

A: 1974 (Connors and Billie Jean King)

Q7) How many sets did Graf drop en route to winning the women's championship in 1996?

A: Steffi didnt drop a single set that year.

Q8)Who did Roger beat in the 2004 semi?

A: Tim Henman

Q9)How many singles championships did Navratilova contest?

A: 21

Q10)Who lost to Gasquet in the 2002 juniors and Tsonga in the 2003 juniors?

A: Marcos Baghdatis

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van said...

Hey Steve. Those questions from the '70s were super-tough. I need to bone up on that era!

I went back and kicked myself for missing that Henman one because I remembered hoping he could win it all at the time. That was some year he had. Could you imagine if he would've made it to the French final? He had Coria on the ropes there in the semis.