Thursday, 18 September 2008

Clear as mud

Clear as mud

The danger in pulling out a quote from an article is that you sometimes lose the context or meaning.

So in the comments on the post below Freakyfrites asks a couple of good questions about Roger's remarks:

Q: When was Roger studying these images?

Q: And they were or weren't images of this year's Wimbledon?

Q: Why was he only sleeping for 20 minutes?

Here's the deal. Roger was so pumped after defeating Murray and winning his 13th slam that he only got 20 mins sleep that night. (I guess this also had something to do with media interviews and sponsors parties etc).

Before he did finally hit the sack, he went online to check out photos of him performing back at his very best in the US Open final.

Reading between the lines I get the impression this is something he usually does after winning a slam. He wants to re-live his performance and see it through the eyes of the fans.

But by implication, defeat to Nadal at Wimbledon 2008 was so traumatic that he has not been able to bring himself to check out the photos.

BTW - also check out Freakyfrites' comments on the post below on the importance of the ego for any dominant champion. As ever she is on the money.

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