Monday, 22 September 2008

Oh dear, oh dear

Another disappointing weekend for British tennis. It's hard to understand how a team with the World No 4 and a Grand Slam winning doubles specialist can lose. Lose against Austria.

The answer of course is take away the Murrays and there is not much left in mens tennis in Britain. Once again - hate to say it - but Bogdanovic folded, losing both his matches despite winning the first set in each rubber.

Bogdanovic has game but lacks the mental toughness and fighting spirit of Andy M. And the sad thing is this weekend will only further undermine his already fragile confidence.

What's more as Neil Harman points out in The Times why should Murray take time out of his pursuit of Slams for DC when we are now stuck back in the Euro-Africa Group playing India or Belgium. Not good.

Here's the damning verdict from Murray on Bogdanovic's performance:

"The way I play shows i love the Davis Cup but I make sacrifices to play. I want every single person to make those sacrifices, I want them to come here physically able to play for all three days even if it is for three five set matches. I want to know that everyone in the team wants to win as badly as I do and if I don't feel everyone has that attitude it will definitely demotivate me....

... today I didn't see any fist pumps, or racket throwing. He didn't really show enough that he wanted to win the match."

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freakyfrites said...

Hey Steve,

I don't know what to think. I sympathize with Andy, but part of me cringes at him publicly calling out his teammate like that. I didn't see Alex's effort so maybe he's just stating the obvious. So is it tough love or bellyaching?

And were those comments directed at his bro, too?