Thursday, 25 September 2008

Djoko's mini me

I'll be honest. Until today I didn't even know Nole had a younger brother, let alone that he was also an aspiring tennis pro about to join the tour. Rich at Down the line has the story.

Got to say I feel for Marko. It can't be easy to measure up to the success of his older brother. The question is will he be forever over-shadowed by his big bro (step forward Patrick McEnroe) or will he match or even one day surpass his sibling (Safina, Sanchez-Vicario)?

It's too early to say, but it wasn't the most auspicious of beginnings - Marko Djokovic got his butt kicked 6-2, 6-0 by Jarkko Nieminen.

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Rich said...

He has two brothers and both play tennis. The Williams sisters were certainly a once in a lifetime occurrence I believe. Most of these sibling stories will most likely fall, as mentioned, into the John-Patrick McEnroe dichotomy.

It can't be easy for sure but if he's going to succeed he'll have to make his own way and find a way, eventually, to beat Nole on the Tour. Tough stuff.