Friday, 5 September 2008

A-Rod downed, Nole booed off

Well, it was nice while it lasted but Andy's out and my dreams of a pay out are over. The only crumb of comfort is that we avoid a Federer - Roddick semi in which I would have been torn between heart (Federer getting back on track) and head (money).

I missed the match so haven't got much to say about Djokovic's comments, other than I quite like the Djoker, he's shaken things up, has been good for the game, and has a great back story, growing up in war torn Serbia.

But let's face it, he doesn't do himself any favours. Whether it's the 'hilarious' impressions (stop it Nole, you are killing me!), the endless ball bouncing before serves, or the parents dis-respecting Roger, he has a habit of winding people up.

Now don't get me wrong, a bit of personality goes along way, but he needs to dial it down a bit.

You can hear his court side interviewing where he takes on the crowd and post match interviews with A-Rod and Nole on the BBC


van said...

Hey Steve, sorry you missed out on your payday, and I apologize for any jinxing I might have done by mentioning he had a shot in your earlier post!

I agree with you about Djoko. I'd like to see him tone it down a little, but not become a robot out there.

Jodi said...

All I have to say to that is a) word, and b) amen.

Steve said...

Hey Van - no worries, I think it was me who put the jinx on!

Jodi - thanks for stopping by and for the comment.