Thursday, 10 July 2008

And the answers are...

After much delay here are the answers to the Wimbledon Quiz

Q 1 Who did Pat Cash beat in the semi en route to winning Wimbledon in 87?

A: Jimmy Connors.

Q 2 In what year did Edberg make his last appearance at Wimbledon?

A: 1996

Q 3 How many Wimbledon doubles titles did McEnroe win?

A: Mac won 4 doubles titles.

Q 4 What was the furthest round Michael Chang reached at Wimbledon?

A: Grass was never Chang's thing, Wimbledon being the only Slam he didnt win or reach the final. He got to the quarter final in 1994.

Q 5 Who won the 1996 boys singles title?

A: Vladimir Voltchkov beat Ljubicic.

Q 6 How many sets did Federer drop en route to winning 2005 title?

A: Fed dropped one set in 2005 to Kiefer in the third round.

Q 7 In the modern era which mens player has played in the most Wimbledon tournaments?

A: Connors (This is the only answer i've not been able to independently verify so if you have a different answer we may have to agree to disagree)

Q 8 Who did Boris beat in 1991 quarter final?

A: Boris beat Guy Forget.

Now time for me to start thinking about that US Open quiz...


van said...

I scored 50 percent. I'll redeem myself come U.S. Open time!

Great quiz, Steve. Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

hey Van, 50% is a good score. You did better than me and I set the quiz!

And the good news is you now have the perfect excuse (not that you need it) to surf wikipedia and watch classic reruns on ESPN to prepare for the US Open Quiz!

Have a good weekend.