Thursday, 3 July 2008

Suddenly it's Thursday night...

... and much of Wimbledon has been and gone.

It has been a great tournament so far with a good mix of upsets and great tennis from Fed, Nadal, Marat, Andy, and Venus and Serena.

What's more we have the dream Williams v Williams final and realistically only Safin stands in the way of a dream Roger v Rafa re-match.

My only regret is that its all gone so quick and I've not watched nearly enough. I'll have to book time off next year!

I had a plane trip with work today and flicking through the papers on the way home I read two good pieces on why the top two in the mens game are the top two.

Richard Williams in the Guardian likens Rafa to Agassi, in the way in which he has prospered at Wimbledon, not by turning himself into a grass-court player, but by making the grass work for him.

Nick Bolletterri in a typically great piece in the Independent explains why being a nice guy helps Federer.

Highlights of Federer v Ancic below


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