Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Hearts and minds

Roger and Rafa both put in dominant displays today, highlighting once again that the top two (plus Djokovic) are still some away ahead of the chasing pack.

Didn't see much of either match but from what I hear Murray was never in it, and the result and the performance have punctured the Murray hype.

Meanwhile, two letters from tonight's London Paper (the free sheet) show the lasting damage done by Andy's 'joke' about supporting anyone but England at football, and that Murray's PR blitz plus on court heroics, have won over some, but not everyone:

I want him to lose
Two years ago "British hero" Andy Murray publicly announced that he wanted England to lose in the World Cup. I'm publicly announcing that I want Andy Murray to lose at Wimbledon.

Matt, Sawbridgeworth.

Murray the Man
In reply to your question "is Andy Murray now a genuine tennis hero?": he definately hasn't done enough to warrant hero status yet but I will admit that he is winning me over. Up until his match on Monday, I always thought of him as a whining adolescent with a bad attitude: a bit like Harry Enfield's Kevin the Teenager character.

But give him credit he seems to have grown up. He showed his passion to the crowd during the Gasquet match and they responded. And you have to admire his fight. He seemed genuinely humbled by the support he received, and he acknowledged the part it played in his victory. I'll be backing Murray from now on.

Miles, Blackheath


freakyfrites said...

U.S. fans also have our problems with Murray - nothing to do with football predictions of course, but his demeanor in general is too sour and bratty to be easily appealing.

It took me a couple years to get over his on court personality and to appreciate his game (which I think has improved, too.) Now I love watching him play, and find his personality interesting, if not quite likable. I really hope he goes on to great things - he adds something unique to the game!

Too bad he didn't make a match with Nadal. Do you think he'll ever be one of Rafa's major rivals?

Steve said...

Happy 4th July Freakyfrites.

thanks for your comment re Murray.

It's ironic because Murray's favourite Slam is the US Open.

I think a combination of growing up plus good advice (not least from his new PR guys) means we are going see more of the new more appealing Andy, and less of his bad attitude.

Rafa was awesome on Wednesday but Murray pushed him close in Melbourne last year and I would expect him to beat Nadal if there's a re-match during the summer hard court season.