Sunday, 13 July 2008

Be cool

Tennis is no stranger to technology - hawk eye is one of the great
innovations in sport in recent years.

But for better or worse tennis is more often a follower rather than a
leader. Personally I don't think that's a bad thing, and the game has
been good at taking what works well elsewhere and adapting.

It therefore can only be a matter of time before the pro's start using
something I've just spotted flicking through the latest edition of

The Nike PreCool works on the assumption that 75% of your body's
energy expenditure goes to temperature regulation. So for the Olympics
in 2004 Nike came up with a pre-race ice vest to help marathon runner
Deena Kastor keep her core temperature under control.

Quite literally very cool. And something that could transfer easily to
the tennis lock room. Specially for the clay season.

1 comment:

van said...

Hey Steve, that sounds like something I coould've used when I was growing up and playing in Alabama.

Over the summers there, my doubles partner and I used to get out at 8 in the mornng to try and beat the heat: It was already near 90 degrees by then!