Sunday, 4 May 2008

Murray on Murray

Andy's new PR adviser Stuart Higgins is already delivering the goods.

The 'make Andy Murray more likeable' project begins with the Murray brothers as the cover stars of the Observer's Sport Monthly magazine. As you'd expect from a PR pro like Higgins it's not just prominent coverage, its good coverage, and great photos.

By and large it's a nice, light hearted piece in which journalist Emma John highlights how Andy's dark humour is mis-understood, especially by the media.

It touches on their childhood, sibling rivalries, their likes and dis-likes (Andy strongly dislikes celebrity and 'WAG' culture, whilst Jamie is a BIG fan of Britney); and we also learn that between tournaments the two brothers are living together at Andy's new flat in London.

All in both a good read and a good bit of PR. Check it out here.

And BTW, this is the second month in a row that OSM has found space for a feature on tennis. Last month we had the great piece on Monica Seles. Keep it coming guys.

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