Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Justine, say it ain't so

Justine Henin is one of my favourite players on the women's tour. I've always admired her game - that one handed backhand! - but also the way she has punched above her weight and size to win almost everything in the game.

So I was really surprised and disappointed to hear that the World No 1 and reigning French Open, US Open, and Olympic champion is retiring with immediate effect. I guess every great champion wants to bow out at the top, but at only 25 year's old this decision feels premature.

The French Open won't be the same without her.


John from Tennis Videos said...

I totally agree. Justine was my fav current player also. I would hate to see the women's game dominated by six foot plus two-handed players with big serves.

It is sad to see Justine quit at such a young age. I hope she does not regret it in a few years time.

van said...

Hello. I actually think she'll be making a comeback in a couple of years: I can't see her finding something else that will give her that feeling of domination she appeared to thrive on.

tennischick said...

Why couldn't she just take a break? I don't get this. I wonder also about her obligation to sponsors -- what becomes of that?