Friday, 23 May 2008

Great moments in Paris

There's something special about the French Open. And if like me you can't wait for the action to begin in Paris on Sunday take a look at the great posts by Van at Tennis talk anyone on his favourite moments from the French Open. It includes Courier's destruction of the field in 1992 and Capriati v Clijsters in 2001

This also presents me with an opportunity to shamelessly recycle two posts with video on some of my own favourite memories from Roland Garros. Chang and his under arm (under hand?) serve and Agassi coming back from two sets down to complete his career slam.

Lets hope 2008 will provide some equally enduring memories. Go Roger!

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van said...

Hey Steve, thanks for the mention! I just posted my number one memory this morning: Andre winning in '99. I couldn't believe he pulled it off!

That Chang result was something else. I was in high school when that happened and I remember a friend giving me the results of the match that day, and I was like, no way! Lendl was as close to invincible as you can imagine back in those days. Plus, it was crazy to think of a guy only a couple of years older than me pulling off such a feat.