Sunday, 6 April 2008

Racket abuse of the week

There can't be many people who play tennis - whether they're pro's or Sunday morning park players - who at some point haven't wanted to smash their racket into the court out of pure frustration.

Thankfully most of us are able to keep it together - after all rackets don't come cheap. On the pro circuit, however, not a week goes by without someone taking it out on their racket. But last week Mikhail Youzny took it to another level during his third round tie at the Miami Open.

Youzny was 5-4 down against Nicolas Almagro in the final set, and had forced a vital break point. But after blowing his chance of breaking back Youzny lost it and proceded to whack his forehead with the edge of his racket frame 3 or 4 times, drawing blood.

The wound was so bad that he had to take a time out for the trainer to patch him up. Amazingly he then got back on court and broke Almagro and went onto wrap up the match in a tie break. Seriously kids, don't do this at home.

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