Friday, 18 April 2008

It's a shame these guys are only part-time tennis bloggers

New Yorker tennis blogI've just belatedly discovered New Yorker magazine's blog of last year's US Open written by two of their regular writers Nick Paumgarten and John Colapinto.

It may be more than 6 months old but if like me you missed it first time around it is essential reading.

There are loads of well written nuggests here, including how to beat John Isner (from someone who beat him when they were kids!!); and an introduction to the Szavay sisters (Agnes and Blanka) - I'm ashamed to say this 20 yr old rising star (and her younger sister) wasn’t on my radar, even though she is now 13 in the world.

I also loved the posts on how everyone knows their own version of Santoro, "who throws so much junk your way that you are powerless to keep from imploding", and how Federer won ugly against Djokovic in the final.

There's so much to enjoy here. I've only read a fraction of their postings, but already I'm hooked. And in the same way that when you see the pro players in action you are both inspired and humbled, so it is with this blog.

Just as I'll never have Federer's forehand (or anything else of his for that matter, apart from his tendency of losing to spanish guys on clay) nor will I ever be able to write about tennis with as much, energy, insight and humor. Bring on this year's NY Open.

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