Saturday, 26 April 2008

Djoko retires (again)

In the past year Djokovic has retired when losing against Nadal (Wimbledon); when leading Davydenko (Davis Cup); and losing to Federer (today in Monte Carlo).

He's either physically or mentally vulnerable, which is possible and could be just part of his development (after all, a year ago people were saying Murray, who is the same age, was overly susceptible to injury).

Or as some have suggested it is a cynical attempt to avoid conceding a psychological advantage to his rivals in the top 4.

Either way, if Djokovic is serious about becoming No 1 he needs to break this bad habit.

The up side of his disappointing decision to abandon his semi against Federer is that we have another Federer - Nadal final to look forward to tomorrow. And for some reason I thing Federer might just edge it.

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