Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Losing sucks...

especially when it's a game you feel you should have won, or against a player you believe you should beat.

Anyone who plays has probably been there at some point - along with the love of the game the taste of defeat is the one thing casual club players can truly share with the world's best.

It's entirely natural to shrug and say I didn't play as well as I can - after all few people enjoy admitting their best is not good enough. And sometimes it's true, it just was 'one of those days'.

But in many cases the harsh reality is that your opponent didn't let you play your best game. Either way, Federer let himself down with his unsporting comments about Murray, which you can read on the BBC.

To criticise Murray for being overly defensive and just waiting for things to happen is unfair and demeans Federer. Sure, Murray is a counter-puncher, and has great defence, as part of a great all round game. But Monday was more than just Federer mistakes. Murray outserved, out returned and outplayed Federer.

I don't buy the 'Federer is finished' theory and stand by my prediction that he'll win Wimbledon, Olympic Gold, and the US. But one thing is for sure, 2008 is going to be his toughest year yet.

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