Friday, 7 March 2008

It’s over for Roddick and Connors

I guess it was never going to last for ever. Apparently Connors wants to spend more time with the family. Here’s Roddick’s take on Connors’ return to retirement:

"He's helped my backhand a ton. I mean, it's a different shot than when we got together. It's a lot more solid. And just that fighting spirit.

When we got together, I was as close to down and out as I've been. I spent the week after Wimbledon almost as close to depressed as I've been as far as my career goes. And I really credit him for that spark and getting me back into the top five and in a Slam final pretty close there afterwards."

The LA Times meanwhile suggest that what Roddick has learned from Connors is how to ‘throw one nasty tantrum’, reminding us of Roddick’s abuse of the umpire at the Australian Open:

Roddick, to umpire Emmanuel Joseph: "You're an idiot."

Roddick to the fans: "Stay in school kids, or you'll end up being an umpire"

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