Friday, 17 October 2008

We were on a break!

Sometimes we forget that the pro's are human. It's not surprising
given that most the time they move around the court like super heroes.

But everyone needs a break every now and then and Roger, Rafa, and
Andy M all seemed to have benefited from the post New York lay off.

The standard of tennis from all 3 of them this week has been top
class. I've not had a chance to see Federer (plenty to watch on tape)
but I keep hearing good things and I've seen the quality of Rafa and
Andy's shot making for myself.

So this weekend we are in for a treat with a Fed v Murray re-match
followed hopefully by either a Federer / Murray v Nadal final.

And I keep thinking ahead to the New Year and the prospect of a
recharged Federer coming out to make history. Good times ahead.

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