Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Does Federer need a coach?

In my predictions for 2008 I suggested that Federer will bounce back from his defeat at the Aussie Open by winning Wimbledon, the US, and even Gold at the Olympics. It's a tall order but I think he still has the edge.

However, there can be no doubt that with the emergence of Djoko and the other 'next generation' players, the gap between Federer and the chasing pack has narrowed.

And so after Federer's split with Tony Roche and his defeat in Melbourne the question that many are asking is does Federer need a new coach? As Joel Drucker says on ESPN even a Ferrari needs a mechanic.

Which got me thinking. Who could add value?

It may sound a little left-field but given that Federer is probably looking primarily for an advisor and sounding board, how about Andre Agassi? Agassi could bring the best bits of Brad Gilbert, without the Gilbert in your face intensity (or maybe that is the best bit). He's also won the one remaining slam that eludes Federer.

What's more, while Federer is likely to continue to win slams for the next few years, he has to accept that sooner or later he will no longer be No 1. When the time comes Agassi could help him move to the next phase in his career and make the transition from all conquering No 1 to a top 5 player who still wins the occasional slam.

And I'm sure Agassi would enjoy helping Federer over take Sampras...

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